Veriflow Offers Improved Network Visibility for Multi-Cloud Environments


CloudPredict SaaS provides visibility and assurance across the type of multi-cloud network deployments that are getting more common.

Intent-based network verification provider Veriflow announced its launch of CloudPredict SaaS, a service that provides comprehensive visibility and assurance across public cloud deployments.

Based on the Veriflow verification and analytics platform, enterprises can deploy this stand-alone solution quickly and easily. CloudPredict will:

  • Visualize and search for paths and objects in public cloud deployments and across multi-cloud environments
  • Verify segmentation of cloud applications and thus predict network infrastructure vulnerabilities without impacting the agility of application teams
  • Assure compliance and track changes across snapshots of the network, including on-premises, standalone cloud and multi-cloud networks
  • Ensure intended end-to-end reachability is met across multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure

Continued Growth in Cloud Services

Gartner projects that enterprises will invest over $200 billion in cloud services and apps in 2019, an increase of 17.5% from 2018. While multi-cloud implementation within existing networks has become increasingly complex, it highlights the critical issues of non-compliance and lack of visibility. A Veriflow report found that 77% of responding organizations regularly experience issues with their public cloud deployments; 54% require more than three hours to fix them.

“Public cloud adoption has gone mainstream with businesses operating around the globe,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “However, many organizations struggle to properly secure these public cloud architectures. The cloud often creates new vulnerabilities within the network. This can result in more frequent network security vulnerabilities, unexpected downtime and loss of revenue.”

“The adoption of public cloud is absolutely critical for companies to remain agile. However, without the right verification tools, cloud deployments can lead to significant network problems that can put businesses at serious risk,” said James F. Brear, president and CEO of Veriflow. “CloudPredict™ SaaS is the first solution that provides networking teams with complete visibility and predictive verification of public cloud networks.”

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