Yale New Haven Goes Real-time for Patient Safety and Care


Yale New Haven worked with Epic to build a Capacity Command Center to synchronize data analytics to specific care services.

Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) has teamed up with Epic to create a Capacity Command Center (CCC). The new center combines real-time analytics with physical co-location of key operational services to improve safety, quality and speed of patient care. Five years ago the hospital started on their goal to become a high-reliability organization. The CCC is a natural development of that and of YNHH’s commitment to patient care, the organization said in their announcement.

“Yale New Haven Hospital cares for the most complicated patients in our region. The Command Center’s people, processes and data infrastructure will allow us to gain unparalleled real-time insight into our operations, keep the patient at the center of all that we do, and enhance our ability to provide the highest value care. This has never been done in such a large and complex medical center in New England.” said Richard D’Aquila, president of YNHH and Yale New Haven Health.

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The CCC collects and analyzes the large volume of operational data generated by the Epic electronic health record, then generates dashboard displaying real-time data for doctors, nurses, and administrators. The insights allow them to see and react to changing conditions as they happen. Representatives from all critical operational areas are physically located in one location for easy and fast communication and coordination.

The dashboards display information about bed capacity, patient transport times, delays for tests and procedures, and safety, and having reps from key services such as the ER, bed management, patient transport, nursing and environmental services increase operational efficiency and make sure patients are at the right places at the right times to speed up care and improve patient satisfaction.

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