Hospital ER Reduces Waiting With Patient Flow Tool


SwedishAmerican Hospital credits a real-time data visualization tool for reduced wait and discharge times at its emergency department.

Anyone who has ever had to visit the ER at their local hospital knows it usually turns out to be a lot of hurry up and hours of waiting. One hospital in Illinois decided to do something about it, and deployed a real-time visualization solution along with their Emergency Department Information System (EDIS).

The software, Patient Flow HD, from MedHost, compiled data on bed occupation rates, pending discharges and what each patient had been triaged for. The resulting visualization helped the hospital get a grasp on the department traffic and better balance supply (beds) with demand (patients). Thanks to the new data visualization, wait times were reduced from 200 minutes to 58 minutes.

“It helps let the inpatient managers know when ED volume is significantly increasing,” explained Chief Nursing Office Ann Gantzer in an interview with “One of my peers said, ‘This looks like air traffic control for patients,’” she added.  “That is truly how our administrators look at this tool.”

Medhost reports that Gifford Medical Center in Vermont has also implemented EDIS with similar results. Real-time analytics allowed the hospital to increase workflow efficiency, billing and patient management.

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