15 AI Technology Trends to Look for in 2020


Here is a look at some of the top AI trends for 2020:

Today, everyone is discussing the most recent trends in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  All through the year, you’ve watched an exponential up-thrust in apps, platforms, and tools for machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are being used in fields, including healthcare, financial services, agribusiness, manufacturing, and more.

What does the future hold? You can expect many new innovative applications using emerging technologies. With that said, here is a look at some of the top AI trends for 2020:

1. Natural Language Creation

Natural language creation is an AI sub-discipline, which can transform data into text, allowing PCs to converse ideas with great accuracy. It is utilized for customer services to create reports, promote summaries. It is provided by organizations like Attivio, Narrative Science, Automated Insights, Cambridge Semantics, Digital Reasoning, Lucidworks, SAS, and Yseop.

2. Speech Recognition

Siri is one of the solutions that can recognize you. Gradually, more systems will be introduced that make use of human language input, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people using voice-response interactive services and mobile applications. Organizations providing speech recognition solutions include  OpenText, Nuance Communications, IBM, Microsoft, NICE, and Verint Systems.

3. Virtual Agents

When talking about virtual agents, they are just computer programs or agents who are proficient o interact with humans. The most basic example of this technology is known as Chatbot. Virtual agents are already being utilized for consumer service and support. Some vendors that offer virtual agents include Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Artificial Solutions, Creative Virtual, Assist AI, Google, IPsoft, IBM, and Satisfi.

4. Machine Learning (ML) Platforms

Nowadays, computers may also learn easily, and they will be unbelievably gifted and smart! Machine learning is a sub-discipline of computer science and a part of AI. Its aim is to build strategies that enable computers to discover and learn. By offering algorithms, the application programming interface or APIs, training tools and development, big data, apps, and other gadgets. Organizations selling ML platforms include Amazon, Google, Skytree, Fractal Analytics, H2O.ai, SAS, Microsoft, and Adext AI.

5. AI-Optimized Hardware

Artificial Intelligence technology makes hardware very friendly. The question is, how? Today, there are graphics and central processing devices designed explicitly to run AI-based tasks. You can easily get access to this technology by using Cray (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company), IBM, Alluviate, Intel, Google, and NVIDIA.

6. Decision Management

Keen machines are fit for acquainting rules and rationale with AI frameworks so you can utilize them for introductory setup or training, tuning, and ongoing maintenance.

Decision management has been consolidated into an assortment of corporate apps to help and implement the automated decision and making your business as productive as could be expected under the circumstances. Look at Advanced Systems ideas, Maana, Informatica, UiPath, Pegasystems for extra alternatives.

7. Profound Learning Frameworks

A profound learning platform utilizes an exceptional form of ML, which includes artificial neural circuits alongside numerous abstraction layers. It can mimic the brain of humans, processing data, and generating prototypes for decision making. Currently, it is used to identify patterns and categorize apps that are friendly along with the large-scale data sets. Players in the field to watch include Ersatz Labs, Deep Instinct, MathWorks, Fluid AI, Peltarion, Sentient Technologies, and Saffron Technology.

8. Biometrics

This tech can recognize measure and examine human behavior as well as the physical aspects of the human body, structure, form, and so on. It enables more natural connections between machines and humans, with interactions connected to touch, speech, image, and body language recognition. Companies to watch include Affectiva, 3VR, Agnitio, Sensory, FaceFirst, Tahzoo, and Synqera.

9. Automation of Robotic Processes

Robotic processes automation (RPA) uses methods and scripts that can mimic as well as automate human works to help business processes. It’s extremely beneficial for the circumstances while hiring people for a particular work or job that is too costly or incompetent. Automation Anywhere, Advanced Systems Concepts, Blue Prism, WorkFusion, and UiPath are some instances of robotic processes automation organizations.

10. Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This tech utilizes text analytics to find out the sentence structures, their meaning, and purpose, throughout statistical practices and ML. Text analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are used for fraud detection and security systems. They are likewise being utilized by a wide range of automated assistants and applications to extract any unstructured information. Companies to watch include Basis Technology, Expert System, Coveo, Indico, Lexalytics, Knime, Linguamatics, Sinequa, Mindbreeze, Synapsify, and Stratifyd.

11. Digital AI/Twin Modeling

The digital twin is actually a product build the bridges between the physical solutions and the digital world. GE, for instance, is building AI personnel to screen its airplane engines, trains, and gas turbines and anticipate failures with cloud-based applications models. Their digital twins are essential lines of programming code; however, the most detailed adaptations look like 3-D computer-based structure drawings loaded with intuitive outlines, graphs, and data points.

12. Cyber Defense

AL and ML can be used to shift cyber-defense into a novel evolutionary segment in response to an increasingly hostile surrounding. Repetitive neural systems, which are fit for preparing groupings of sources of info, can be utilized in mix with ML strategies to make directed learning technologies that reveal suspicious client action and recognize up to 85% of all digital assaults.

13. Consistence

Consistence is the affirmation or certification that an individual or association meets the prerequisites of acknowledged practices, enactment, rules, and guidelines, models, or the details of an agreement, and there is a huge industry that maintains it. We are presently observing the principal wave of administrative consistence arrangements that utilization AI to convey effectiveness through automation and complete hazard inclusion.

14. Information Worker Help

While some are legitimately worried about AI supplanting individuals in the working environment, we should not overlook that AI innovation likewise can possibly immensely help representatives in their work, particularly those in skilled positions. The medicinal and legitimate experts that are intensely dependent on information laborers is the place laborers have been progressively embracing AI as a diagnostic tool.

15. Content Creation

Content creation currently incorporates any material individuals add to the web world, for example, recordings, advertisements, blog entries, white papers, infographics, and other visual or composed resources. Organizations like Hearst and CBS, USA Today, as of now using AI to create their substance.

Wibbitz, a SaaS instrument that assists distributors with making videos from the content in minutes with AI video generation innovation, is an extraordinary case of an answer from this field. Scribe is another device, made via Automated Insights which applies NLP to create news stories dependent on income information.

Wrapping Up

These AI trends are shaping our today and our tomorrow. The technology will be very beneficial for modern culture using an outlook of an improved world.

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