Nielsen Tunes Into Real-Time TV Viewership Analytics


Viewer statistical data firm Nielsen will see their new platform cover the top 56 American TV markets.

Television viewership data firm Nielsen has launched a new analytics platform. Nielsen Grabix combines minute by minute ratings with Gracenote real-time smart TV viewership data.

The company says the result is deeper insights on audience retention and engagement. Grabix is web-based and designed for TV programmers and advertisers for the top 56 TV markets as well as 400 local stations. The insights are built to help them improve decision making as it relates to programming and commercials.

Nielsen says they can now access audience behavior and trending topics. The platform offers a comprehensive dashboard that allows instant switching between micro and macro analysis, and real-time streams that pinpoint the exact moment in a program when audiences tune in or change the channel. The data generated can help programmers and advertisers make purchasing, scheduling and promotional decisions with more confidence.

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“Viewership insights from Nielsen Grabix have given programmers and advertisers a competitive edge for years,” said Kelly Abcarian, SVP of Product Leadership for Nielsen. “But the new addition of Gracenote Smart TV viewership data, which provides real-time insights and complements Nielsen’s industry standard ratings, pushes Grabix to the next level. The latest iteration of the product gives TV programmers and advertisers more power than ever to make data-driven business decisions that help them grow and build their audiences.”

The Grabix user interface allows mentions of trends, news events, celebrities and politicians to be tracked in real-time, whether they are said in a program or by an on-air talent. Programs can be divided into segments for individual analysis and a geographic heat map allows audiences to be analyzed by zip code.  This allows programmers to track and spot trends and compare ratings against competitors. Gracenote’s Video Automatic Content Recognition technology can identify movies, commercials, TV programs, and video games.

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