Arcadia Data Now Gets Kafka Users Up In an “Instant”


Arcadia Data’s new Arcadia Instant for KSQL will allow Kafka users to get up and running quickly on streaming data projects.

Arcadia Data, creator of the first visual analytics and BI software native to big data, debuted the industry’s first downloadable package for Apache Kafka — Arcadia Instant for KSQL — that allows Kafka users to get up and running swiftly, providing them with the ability to study streaming data with an analytics and BI platform architected for big and real-time data is now available.

Arcadia Instant for KSQL will allow organizations to assist non-technical users in building visualizations on Apache Kafka topics, with ease. The package includes Arcadia Instant, with KSQL integration, a KSQL server and a Kafka broker in a Docker image, to which Arcadia Instant connects, along with a guide for getting started. The program is currently available as a free download on the Arcadia Data website.

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Businesses have struggled for a long time with incorporating streaming technologies, due to the coding-heavy environments that dominate industry offerings. These environments tend to take a lot of time to provide results, reducing the data agility that businesses currently need.

“The promise of streaming data is a game changer and is generating plenty of excitement, but that information is the purview of engineers and data scientists,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer of Arcadia Data.

“Arcadia Data added KSQL as a data source for Arcadia Instant to enable business users the ability to enjoy the benefits of Kafka and streaming data and to inject real-time insights into more business processes within organizations,” he added. “The package announced today makes creating visualizations on streaming data a task simple and accessible for a new class of non-technical user. This release is further evidence we’re committed to industry-leading innovations, and we will deliver more significant enhancements to our technology in the coming months.”

Arcadia Data has also shared that additional capabilities for studying streaming data are in the works, and will be included in an upcoming product release. You can check out the new Arcadia Instant for KSQL here.

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