Yokogawa and FogHorn Come Together for Fog Computing


Partnership agreement will produce new IIoT architectures integrating FogHorn’s technologies with Yokogawa’s sensing and control solutions.

Edge analytics and machine learning software provider FogHorn Systems announced it is joining forces with Yokogawa Electric Corp. to develop and promote fog computing software and tools for the industrial IoT. FogHorn’s software is targeted at industrial and commercial IoT applications while Yokogawa focuses on industrial automation, control and testing technology and applications.

Fog computing is designed to reduce latency and bandwidth usage by processing machine and sensor data close to the source rather than sending it to the cloud, the company explained. Only essential data makes it to the cloud. Yokogawa intends to create several new IoT applications using this technology.

FogHorn released an IIoT platform using fog computing last fall. The platform brings advanced analytics and machine learning to on-premise edge environments, enabling the development of applications for advanced monitoring, operational intelligence, performance optimization and predictive maintenance. FogHorn targets at the manufacturing, power and water, smart cities and grids, transportation, retail, healthcare and connected vehicle sectors.

“FogHorn’s expertise in the Industrial Internet of Things segment combined with their portfolio of fog computing technology will allow us to accelerate our development of services,” said Tsuyoshi Abe, a Yokogawa vice president. “We look forward to integrating FogHorn’s breakthrough edge analytics and machine learning technology directly into Yokogawa’s industry-leading sensing and control solutions,” FogHorn CEO David C. King added.

FogHorn and Yokogawa will present a joint fog computing demonstration and participate in speaking events, including an OpenFog Workshop panel at the IoT Evolution Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Feb. 7-10.


Fog computing: a new IoT architecture?

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