AT&T Unveils New IoT Platform


The AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper, is now open to Exchange Partners.

AT&T announced on March 24 the launch of their new IoT platform. Powered by Jasper, the AT&T Control Center allows the company’s Exchange Partners to create integrated solutions and manage their IoT deployments. The control center lets users deploy, manage and scale IoT devices connected to the telecommunication giant’s 4G LTE network and also provides recurring revenue opportunities for reselling those solutions.

“With the announcement of the IoT piece, we really have the full spectrum of mobility solutions,” Sue Galvanek, vice president of the Partner Exchange program said in an interview with CRN. “For an AT&T Partner Exchange solution provider, they can do resale of typical rate plans and devices, wireless WAN solutions, and we are letting them take advantage of our IoT connectivity capabilities to do it.”

According to the company’s website, the new control center offers real-time diagnostics and provisioning, push notifications and alerts regarding usage limits and downtime, and automated SIM provisioning. The cloud-based platform is designed for both IoT and machine to machine devices. It also offers automation features to streamline operations and speed scaling, and real-time analytics that provide insights to help with decision making.

AT&T reported that the demand for mobility solutions for the IoT is growing rapidly, and the number of providers selling such solutions through their Exchange Partners program grew by 110 percent in 2015.

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