Brillio and Arundo Eye Industrial IoT, Oil Sector


A partnership between Brillio and Arundo is aimed at predictive analytics for the industrial IoT, such as the oil and gas sector.

Global technology consultant and business solutions company Brillio has announced a partnership with predictive analytics software company Arundo Analytics, according to a Nov. 2 blog post. Brillio, which focuses on Big Data, believes the partnership will expand its presence into asset-heavy industries such as oil and gas production, manufacturing, transportation, and the utilities sector.

“Without IoT, you would typically not be able to collect the data in an industrial environment, and without Big Data techniques, it would be hard to monetize IoT,” said Mayank Pant, head of analytics and business venture group at Brillio, in a statement to Rigzone.

According to Brillio, Arundo uses advanced machine learning technologies to analyze real time data from complex industrial installations, such as an oil rig that could have more than 100,000 sensors from hundreds of different suppliers. The platform is designed to provide actionable intelligence so companies can reduce operational costs.

RTInsightsTake: The industrial IoT remains a hot area as the revenue opportunities are enormous in applications such as optimizing output, preventing product defects, or engaging in predictive maintenance on just a single piece of machinery that costs hundreds of millions. In an environment of low oil prices, the ability to find new revenue streams and reduce operational costs in complex production environments is especially crucial. McKinsey estimates that a typical offshore oil platform can have as many as 40,000 data tags— not all of them used. But improving “production efficiency by ten percentage points can yield up to $220 million to $260 million bottom-line impact on a single brownfield asset. For declining assets, automation could extend field life in an economically viable way.”

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