Avnet Starts Showcasing Its Connected IoT Ecosystem


Avnet also talking up their recently announced security service Microsoft Azure Sphere for IoT rollouts.

Global technology company Avnet showcased their connected ecosystem at last week’s IoT World conference in Santa Clara, CA. The ecosystem consists of a network of partners, services, tools and companies designed to be everything their customer’s need to create and deploy IoT projects.

They also demoed their new Microsoft Azure Sphere, a new security service designed to create secure IoT connected microcontroller-powered devices. Avnet, a Microsoft partner, is the first company to distribute it.

The company also provided a look at their smart solutions, a showcase of design, cloud and digital tools featuring technology from Intel, Microsoft, Infineon, Renesas, Digikey, ST, Laird, Microchip, NXP, Trusted Objects, Dell and AT&T along with AT&T IoT Starter Kit 2.0, which provides users with a comprehensive 1-stop environment for developing and producing sensor-to-cloud services and software and eUICC/Idemia, an embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card designed to assist companies in on-boarding new network carriers by enabling them to remotely program and manage SIM cards. Idemia is the platform that is used to do it all.

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“At Avnet, we operate at the forefront of IoT, focused on breaking down barriers to technology adoption and empowering engineers around the world to bring their innovations to life. From our unique IoTConnect Platform, to our element14 community’s design challenges, and Dragon Innovation’s Product Planner, Avnet offers an unmatched ecosystem of products and services to help customers overcome obstacles related to IoT,” said Lou Lutostanski, Avnet’s vice president global IoT. “IoT World presents a unique opportunity for us to meet with engineers, designers and inventors to share our vision and solutions to enable IoT and transforming the way business is done.”

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