Bext360 Brings Blockchain and AI to the Coffee Supply Chain


Bext has a machine and platform that collects, analyzes, buys, and tracks coffee from “Bean-to-Brew.”

Bext360, a technology company that focuses on improving critical supply chains in emerging countries, has announced it’s bringing blockchain, AI and the IoT to the coffee supply chain.

Dubbed the “bext-to-brew” platform, it uses the company’s patented Bext360 machines to collect coffee beans from local farmers, analyze them, and make instant payments based on the results of the analysis. The machines also collect data on the quality and efficiency of farming practices and provide real-time supply chain analytics that can be used to improve supply chain efficiencies.

“This mobile access allows bext360 to implement our technology directly into the supply chain for traditional optimization, product payment, and the financing of capital equipment necessary to increase the value of commodities in the country of origin, bringing more equity to local businesses and communities in emerging economies,” said Bext360 CEO Daniel Jones.

Developing countries have embraced mobile connectivity and digital payments over the traditional wired economy, and this has allowed suppliers and buyers to avoid the hassles of legacy technology companies blocking progress, Bext stated.

Bext machines use optical sorting to understand the difference between good and spoiled coffee berries and rates the farmer’s batch, which is typically 30-40lbs at a time, and generates an instant report to the farmer and the prospective buyers. They then use the company’s mobile app and cloud-based service to negotiate a fair price.

Buyers can even look at live footage of the plantation the coffee came from. Once in the system, the coffee is tracked until it gets to the buyer. There, data on the roasting and quality is collected and made available to wholesalers. Once at the retail level, consumers can track their purchased bag of coffee all the way back to the farmer and what community projects its sale is helping to support.

The machines are currently being used in parts of Africa and the company plans to expand to other coffee growing areas as well.


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