BuildingIQ Launches 5i Platform for Energy Intelligence


Cloud-based platform offers analytics, learning modeling, predictive control and more.

BuildingIQ, a smart building solutions provider, announced the launch of its 5i platform for intelligent energy management. According to the July 28 announcement, 5i is designed to give building managers a smart building IoT solution with five distinct offerings: data capture analysis, advanced modeling measurement and verification, closed-loop predictive control, and expert human analysis.

Navigant principal research analyst Casey Talon commented in the release, “The human element is an extremely important piece to incorporate into an IoT-enabled intelligent building solution. The institutional knowledge of facilities staff can uncover the rationale behind the trends documented by the raw data. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, solutions that balance technological advancement with human engagement may be the most successful in transforming facilities into intelligent buildings to deliver significant business benefits.”

The 5i platform is designed to provide a common infrastructure for smart building services and solutions that can be expanded as opportunities and market needs arise. The services are subscription-based and can be deployed selectively and independently of each other. There is no need to make changes to existing infrastructures to deploy them, the company stated.

BuildingIQ stated that the platform offers the ability to balance energy optimization, tenant comfort and operational efficiency, and supports alternative energy sources such as solar and local battery storage. It leverages both internal data (meter readings, tenant comfort and building characteristics) and external data (energy tariffs, weather forecasts and demand response) to generate insights.

The platform offers features in three areas:

Building Operations:

  • Facilities worksite –for work order creation and scheduling
  • Systems enablement — for access to services that upgrade HVAC control infrastructure
  • HVAC controls retro-commissioning
  • HVAC continuous commissioning
  • Comfort command — for outsourced hot/cold calls

Measurement & verification:

  • Energy worksite — for evaluation of energy initiatives
  • Predictive energy advisor
  • Automated M&V

Predictive control:

  • Demand response for energy management
  • Predictive energy optimization

More information about the new platform can be found at the company’s website here.


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