IFS Update Hails New UX and Tons of Improvements


New features from IFS include an AI chatbot, enhanced service-centric capabilities, and many functional improvements.

Global enterprise applications company IFS has launched IFS Applications 10,  the latest version of its enterprise application suite. It’s designed to allow customers to harness servitization, IoT, and automation, and the new version can help them connect their company to a digital backbone.

According to the company, new features include:

  • IFS Aurena: A state-of-the-art browser-based user experience that offers users an intuitive interface. IFS Aurena employs a consumer-first design to drive employee engagement and productivity. Introduced first for business-to-business and casual users, IFS Aurena will continue to evolve at a high pace using IFS’s concept for evergreen enterprise applications.
  • AI/human-machine interaction: Drawing on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, IFS Applications 10 features the IFS Aurena Bot that empowers users to interact with the system via voice or textual input in an intuitive and efficient way. IFS Aurena Bot can be used by employees and managers to ask questions in natural language, as well as perform transactions such as registering absence or applying for leave. IFS Aurena Bot can be accessed from popular communications tools such as Skype, Skype for Business, and Facebook Messenger, as well as from within the IFS Aurena user experience.
  • Modern and cloud-friendly APIs: Open micro-service organized APIs, built according to the latest RESTful principles and the OASIS oData standard, ensure easy integration of data and processes in IFS Applications with IoT and AI technologies, Microsoft Office365, and most other modern cloud technologies and SaaS solutions.

“We are thrilled to launch IFS Applications 10, which has been built to help customers capitalize on major trends such as automation, connected devices, and servitization,” IFS CEO Darren Roos said. “The new core version has been developed in close collaboration with our customers and brings to market a vast amount of innovation that will ensure maximum business value from day one.”

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“The new version contains more than 500 new capabilities, including a completely reimagined user experience and powerful features for service-centric organizations, all designed to help users engage with the business and connect people and processes to a modern digital backbone,” IFS CTO Dan Matthews added, “By combining the new features of IFS Applications 10 with recent innovations like IoT and layered application architecture, we are able to offer a truly unique business solution.”

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