BullGuard Debuts Dojo for IoT Security


Cybersecurity device detects threats from smart home products.

As followers of the Internet of Things market know, consumer IoT devices have abysmal security and are easily hacked. This fall’s Mirai botnet, for instance, took down several big-name websites and used compromised IoT devices such as cameras and DVRs to launch DDoS attacks.

The problem is likely to get worse. According to analysts at Gartner, the number of connected devices is forecast to reach more than 21 billion by 2020. Research firm Statista also projects the household penetration of connected smart home devices is expected to hit 60.7 percent in 2021, up from 24.9 percent in 2016.

To solve the problem, there’s been a call for regulation of IoT device manufacturers to eliminate simple flaws such as default passwords. Consumer security company BullGuard, which recently acquired home security company Dojo Labs, has another answer: Dojo, a smart home security solution that the company says will provide 24/7 protection against cyber threats.

Dojo discovers devices connected to the home network, secures them, and then constantly analyzes them for any suspicious behavior.

“Most people don’t consider a security solution until after their information has been hacked and their privacy violated. The smart home market is growing at an exponential pace, and we’ve recently seen major privacy breaches caused by compromised devices, including the largest ever DDoS attacks launched from an IoT botnet,” said Yossi Atias, general manager of IoT security at BullGuard.

Dojo consists of a piece of hardware the company calls a “pebble” that is user friendly and displays a ring of light that corresponds with the type of activity it’s detecting on the network. The color will be either red, yellow or green. Users interact with the hardware via a smartphone app that alerts them to suspicious activity and asks if they want to allow or block it. The software uses AI and machine learning to continuously learn about the home’s devices and usage patterns.

Dojo by BullGuard will be available in April 2017 and will retail for $199 USD which includes 12-months of service. The company plans to demo the device at next month’s annual CES in Las Vegas.

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