Introducing a New IoT-Dedicated Network & IoT OS


The IoT network is 5G-ready and primed for AI, robotics and more.

Sprint and Ericsson have teamed up to create a distributed and virtualized core IoT-dedicated network and a new IoT OS. Together, they optimize data flow for real-time, actionable intelligence at the network edge for both enterprises and end users. The companies want to create a future-proof infrastructure.

The companies’ partnership will yield a platform that offers ultra low latency, highest availability, and unmatched security at the chip level. This 5G ready network will support demanding applications including:

Both large and small companies creating the immediate economy will benefit from the collaboration’s IoT-dedicated network and IoT OS.

The network reduces the distance between the device providing the data and the IoT app processing it. It distributes nodes directly to the enterprise to meet security, privacy, and latency requirements.

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Benefits of the New Network and OS

The new operating system offers data, device and network management along with managed services. It works in tandem with the IoT core network to pull immediate intelligence at the edge from any sensor data. It also manages:

  • Firmware and security updates
  • Full subscription lifecycles
  • Usage and billing data

It can handle massive amounts of data and generate immediate insights while providing service assurance for all IoT elements and locations.

“Sprint is a pioneer in IoT and we are excited to work together to create a truly disruptive IoT business,” says Asa Tamsons, SVP and Head of Business Area Technology & Emerging Business, Ericsson. “Sprint will be one of the first to market with a distributed core network and operating system built especially for IoT and powered by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator platform. Our goal is to make it easy for Sprint and their customers to access and use connected intelligence, enabling instant and actionable insights for a better customer experience and maximum value.”

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