Twitter Launches Real-Time Analytics for Brands


Twitter is now offering a real-time analytics tool for companies to manage their brands.

Twitter’s Brand Hub, announced Oct. 26, is designed as a real-time analytics tool for companies to see their brand’s share of organic conversation on Twitter, key demographics, most popular phrases used to discuss the brand, and more.

According to Twitter, the service analyzes incoming tweets for a brand and generates insights. These include key areas such as loyalty, service, price and purchase intent. These insights, which can be seen on a dashboard and through real-time feeds, are then compared to competitors.

Access to Brand Hub at present is only available to medium and large advertisers by visiting

RTInsights Take: Twitter’s analytic tools could be a strong addition to the field of brand management. While advertisers and marketers use surveys and focus groups to gauge customer perception, tools such as Twitter and Yelp allow business to access and derive insights from a large pool of engaged customers cheaply and quickly. Organizations have already used social media for real-time sentiment analysis of new products, investing, government services, and political perception. For examples, see “Big Data and Opinion Mining: the 2016 Election and Beyond.

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