CalAmp CrashBoxx Creates Actionable IoT Intelligence from Vehicle Collisions  


Connected vehicle risk management system automates crash notification, accident reconstruction and physical damage assessment.

Insurance telematics provider CalAmp has announced improvements to its CrashBoxx vehicle risk management system.

Crashboxx allows insurers, fleet managers and vehicle repair centers to access automated accident reconstruction and predictive vehicle damage assessments. According to the company’s website, Crashboxx now includes two new service options:

  • CrashBoxx with accident reconstruction – provides detailed analysis of a collision within minutes of the event such as force of the crash, direction of impact, speed prior to impact and other key metrics to automate loss recovery; and
  • CrashBoxx with predictive physical damage – helps determine in near real-time whether the vehicle is a total loss or repairable. Predictive auto physical damage improves in-field vehicle triage and enables customers to avoid costs associated with unnecessary towing and storage.

“Connected vehicle technology is making great strides in encouraging safer driving, but the impacts of crash events have far-reaching implications for drivers and businesses,” said Justin Schmid, senior vice president and general manager of CalAmp’s telematics systems business. “Our new automated accident reconstruction and predictive vehicle damage capabilities empower insurers, fleet owners and vehicle repair centers with actionable intelligence to expedite the repair process, improve third party recovery and mitigate fraud.”

Customers in a variety of industries will benefit from the new services in CrashBoxx, the company stated. Fleet managers will be able to address unreported crashes, provide real-time assistance to drivers involved in collisions and improve policies to protect both drivers and the company. Insurers will be able to lower claim processing costs through automation of damage assessment functions and use the data generated to reduce fraud.


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