Check Out MapR’s New Features for Their Converged Data Platform


MapR’s new features are designed for building powerful, real-time streaming and global IoT applications.

Analytics platform provider MapR Technologies, Inc has announced new capabilities for its Converged Data Platform and Expansion Pack. The new features include Event Streams, Apache Spark and Apache Drill release 1.13. This features streaming pipelines that can support millions of endpoints and analytics that can collect and sort those streams into logical topics up to the hundreds of thousands.

With the 6.0.1 release of their platform, MapR opened it up to new functionality using multiple APIs. The new MapR-ES update includes a new API that adds support for an event-time timestamp as part of the new Kafka 1.0 API, and structured streaming in Apache Spark 2.2.1. Spark will use the new timestamp functionality for new stream processing features including aggregation and windowing. MapR-ES now allows applications to access a specific point in time to grab data through its new time index.

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“The importance of integrating streams into a high scale, high-performance data fabric cannot be overstated,” said Jack Norris, SVP data, and applications, MapR Technologies. “The ability to quickly analyze and understand the significance of events as they are collected and created is a huge advantage. And when streams are integrated into a rich fabric that includes rich historical data and the ability to understand the context and generate an immediate action, that advantage is translated directly to business value.”

The firm says the key new features include updates to MapR-ES API, Spark 2.2 with structured streaming, MapR-DB ReST gateway, audits to streams, native MapR-DB Exploration in Data Science Refinery Notebook, and Drill 1.13. The updated Converged Data platform and the new features for Apache Drill are now available.

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