MapR Extends Open Approach to Enterprise Data Quality

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The MapR DataOps Governance Framework enables organizations to achieve a high level of data quality and integrity, and help meet mandated compliance.

All-in-one cloud base data platform provider MapR Technologies, Inc., has announced it is now offering an extended open data governance approach that covers all data across enterprise applications and designed to bring a deeper focus on data quality.

The MapR DataOps Governance Framework integrates the MapR Converged Data Platform with selected partner technologies. The company says the results are a flexible end-to-end solution that helps companies meet compliance requirements beyond traditional big data environments like Hadoop.

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The MapR DataOps Governance Framework is designed to help organizations reach a high level of data integrity and quality and meet required compliance points. The company says this approach allows organizations to use a DataOps-first methodology, with teams of data scientists, developers and others in data-focused roles training machine learning models and deploying them.

 “A lack of enterprise-wide data governance leads to suspect results and valuable time is lost,” said Mitesh Shah, senior technologist at MapR. “Having the right framework in place to support enterprise-wide governance is critical in the DataOps era. The MapR DataOps Governance Framework lets organizations extend required data lineage and other governance needs across clouds, on-premises, and to the edge with all data in any application – even those considered outside of the big data realm.”

The firm says that key features include:

  • Beyond Hadoop — To achieve a high level of confidence in the quality of data, the MapR solution considers more than a big data environment such as Hadoop because most data originates and is processed outside of a single platform. Data that originates from social media feeds, emails, log files, and even RDBMS systems need to be governed.
  • Platform-Base Security — MapR solves for all four pillars of security – authentication, authorization, auditing, and data protection – using platform-level capabilities that don’t require external security tools or plugins. Such a solution is therefore complete and cannot be bypassed by components that have not been carefully altered to work with an external security tool.
  • Data lineage — MapR provides a robust, scalable mechanism to capture the data evolution across the enterprise and tracks the complete data transformation inside and outside of the big data platform.
  • Metadata Management at Scale — MapR offers one complete metadata catalog to store and query metadata such as data source, transformations, and stewardship in a highly scalable and efficient manner.
  • Secure, Self-Service Data Discovery — Using interactive SQL powered by Apache Drill, MapR allows users to discover data without first having to create a schema. This helps ensure granular security during the discovery process by empowering data owners and administrators to expose portions – even obfuscated portions – of data.
  • Data Lifecycle Management — MapR assigns policies to place data in restricted zones based on criteria such as the data’s age, temperature, or tenancy requirements. Cold data can be archived or deleted at once.

“We believe that MapR’s open approach to governance makes total sense for today’s enterprise,” said Kaycee Lai, president, and COO at Waterline Data. “In order to address regulatory requirements as well as govern how all types of data are treated across the enterprise, customers need and want a single data governance solution. By automatically connecting to heterogeneous data across the entire enterprise, Waterline provides a unified approach to understanding one’s data.”

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