Cisco Announces IoT Innovation Center in Sydney


Partnership will focus on developing new IoT solutions for agriculture, transportation, and smart cities.

Cisco announced on Feb. 15 a new global center to create IoT solutions for the agriculture industry, with an eye towards extending those solutions to the transportation and smart cities sectors.

The center, Innovation Central Sydney, is a collaboration between the NSW Farmers Association, the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Data 61, the University of New South Wales and startup incubator ATP Innovations. The center will focus on research and development, and commercializing IoT technologies.

“The IoT is critical to enabling data driven approaches to production and to optimizing sustainability, profitability and quality assurance,” said Matt Brand, CEO NSW Farmers in a post on Cisco’s website. “Our participation is about accelerating adoption by our members and helping to ensure that developers understand operational requirements as we seek to close the gap between farmers and their customers.”

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The center will be combined with Cisco’s existing one in Perth and join eight additional Cisco Innovation Centres in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Songdo, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, London and Paris. Cisco plans to invest $15 million US over five years into the two Australian based centers. The Perth location, called the Internet of Everything Innovation Centre, was launched in March 2015 and its primary focus is on cloud, analytics, cybersecurity, IoT network platforms and “Internet of Everything” innovation and development.

The center will feature Cisco experts, industry partners, startups, and researchers working together to develop proof-of-concepts, demonstrate IoT solutions in action, and provide an open space for researchers, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and other interested parties to develop new ideas and technologies. It plans to begin operations later this year.

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