White Paper: How to ‘Future-Proof’ a Streaming Analytics Platform

streaming analytics

How streaming analytics can take advantage of innovation yet stand the test of time.

An increasing need for businesses to analyze data as it is produced — from IoT devices, e-commerce, and other sectors — has led to increased use of streaming analytics platforms. There’s a variety of solutions for streaming analytics on the market, with one chief distinction being open-source versus commercial platforms. Download report!

Due to the nature of tech innovation, a chief challenge is choosing a platform that will stand the test of time. Here’s what you will learn in this white paper:

• Use cases and benefits of streaming analytics in various industries
• The benefits and drawbacks of open-source solutions such as Apache Storm and Spark
• How an enterprise approach using Impetus Technologies’ StreamAnalytix can reap open-source benefits, eliminate drawbacks, and “future-proof” a platform.

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