Cisco Announces New Industrial IoT Security Platform


The new platform brings together Operational and Information technology within security operations for threat intelligence and anomaly detection.

Critical infrastructure like transportation, energy, and manufacturing rely on operational technology and the data it gathers. Cisco has introduced a new IoT security platform that collects and extracts data from the IoT edge. The new platform will help organizations:

  • Achieve better visibility and security
  • Streamline operations and efficiency
  • Shrink costs

Cisco’s new platform combines operational and information technology within security operations to detect the cybersecurity threats that can lead to serious safety and financial risk.

Enhancing Threat Intelligence & Anomaly Detection

“Changes in devices and connections need to be detected rapidly, assessed for vulnerabilities, and addressed before the organization’s security erodes,” says ARC Advisory Group VP, Sid Snitkin. The new platform:

Secures the Industrial Network Environment

Cisco Cyber Vision is the first software-based security solution for automated discovery of industrial assets delivered via Cisco’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) networking portfolio.  Powered by Talos’ threat intelligence, Cisco Cyber Vision:

  • Analyzes traffic from connected assets
  • Creates segmentation policies in Cisco ISE and DNA Center to prevent lateral movement of threats across the operational environments
  • Conducts real-time cybersecurity threat monitoring of industrial assets/ processes that affect uptime, productivity, and safety

Integrates Data Governance from Edge to Multi-Cloud

Integrated with Cisco’s industrial networking, Cisco Edge Intelligence simplifies the extraction of data at the network edge. By streamlining data delivery to multi-cloud and on-premises destinations, the platform increases competitiveness and facilitates better data management.

“Organizations need complete visibility into the most disparate of network environments in order to secure their industrial edge, lower the risk of cyber threats, and optimize industrial processes,” said Liz Centoni, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud, Compute and IoT at Cisco.

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