Skuid Talks Up Spark Release At Gartner Catalyst Conference


Skuid, the developer of a leading no-code cloud platform, announced a major update to Skuid Spark at Gartner Catalyst Conference.

No-code cloud platform provider Skuid announced a major update to Skuid Spark at Gartner Catalyst Conference, which features on-site data integration, native mobile app development, and a new Design Studio.

The release, scheduled for September, will be one of Skuid’s largest yet. The company aims to make its no-code platform the preferred option for enterprise clients that want control over the development of native applications, without having to resort to expensive third-party developers or on-site technicians.

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One of Skuid’s best new features is the ability to maintain all data on-site in a secure private network, providing customers with additional security and control. The release adds a unified view for developers using more than one data source. This includes MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.

“This release will drop jaws,” said Ken McElrath, Skuid founder and CEO. “It’s got templates, so you can get custom apps built even faster. It’s got voice. You can create a native mobile app without code. The Design System Studio is gorgeous. Designers and developers will love it. They can finally work together, side-by-side, within the same platform, without code getting in the way. And now that you can connect to on-premise and cloud data sources and services, anyone can use Skuid to innovate in amazing ways, super fast, with no code required.”

Gartner Catalyst is an event focused on mobile, cloud and big data developers and allows them to show off and preview platforms, applications, and programs to the wider community.

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