Cybersecurity and Digital Trust Companies Team for IoT Threats Detection


The IoT Threats Detection service will use machine learning and traffic analysis to learn legitimate behavior and detect anomalies.

Cybersecurity company ElevenPaths and Subex have announced a global partnership designed to offer a global IoT Threats Detection service. The service will use IoT threat intelligence techniques and machine learning to create behavior profiles for IoT devices and networks that can detect and address attacks and anomalies. Supported by a worldwide network (60 locations) of honeypots that focus on IoT, it covers over 500 system architectures, and processes 10 million cyberattacks a day.

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“The vast majority of our customers from almost any sector we focus on have launched − or will launch in the short term − projects and initiatives where IoT technologies are the key. While the possibilities in terms of new services and efficiency improvements are huge, they also mean greater exposure to security risks that need to be properly managed. This agreement with Subex allows us to provide a best-in-class monitoring and incident response service for IoT environments,” said Alberto Sempere, Product and Go-To-Market Director at ElevenPaths.

Challenges Resolved

Both ElevenPaths and Subex say that their IoT Threats Detection Service addresses several challenges:

Increased Discoverability and Visibility

The service facilitates a better understanding of the behavior of IoT devices that are part of an organization’s infrastructure and services.

Holistic Protection of Organizations

The dispersion, physical accessibility, and deficiency or lack of security controls often make IoT devices the weakest links of an organization. This approach enables key decision makers to see these devices — increasingly increasingly significant parts of the whole infrastructure — as requiring protection.

Scalable Solutions

IoT infrastructures need solutions with escalation capabilities. Effective and reliable detection systems rely on the sources and mechanisms that generate specific cyber-intelligence in this field.

Threat Detection as a Managed Service

Telfonica powers ElevenPath’s Security Operations Center and enables the company to present its Threat Detection product as a managed service. It has eleven locations around the world and will use Subex’s expertise to analyze the traffic data it gathers.  

“Our partnership with ElevenPaths is built around affording businesses a new class of enterprise security that spans environments, devices, cybersecurity strategies, and regional and global threats to deliver true cyber-resilience that is deep, robust and sustainable. We are excited by the possibilities that this alliance brings forth specifically in areas such as jointly equipping businesses to deal with the existing and emerging cyber threats with a high level of confidence and assurance,” said Kiran Zachariah, VP Digital Security at Subex.  

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