DAIHEN Toots FogHorn’s Edge Intelligence for Production Automation


DAIHEN will use FogHorn’s edge computing software in collaboration with Energia Communications to automate manufacturing of their industrial transformers.

Edge computing software provider FogHorn Systems announced their edge intelligence product for IIoT and commercial IoT applications has been selected by Japanese industrial electronics company DAIHEN to automate the production of their industrial transformers.

FogHorn’s software brings real-time analytics and machine learning to the edge, which enables DAIHEN to detect errors immediately and improve data accuracy. By deploying the FogHorn System’s solution they’ve been able to eliminate 5,000 hours of manual data entry.

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In an effort to speed up sensor data analytics for its fleet of devices and reduce the man-hours needed for manual monitoring, DAIHEN deployed an RFID infrastructure. Within 6 months the system was at 70% coverage for their Osaka factor and that’s expected to rise to almost 100% within the year.

We knew that harnessing the power of our industrial data would enable us to improve efficiency in factory operations,” said Ichiro Yamano, Executive Officer, innovation task force team at DAIHEN. “FogHorn’s solution offered accurate, real-time data processing, allowing us to visually analyze data during the manufacturing process, improving production quality and automating a significant volume of manual processes.”

DAIHEN uses FogHorn’s Lightning Edge ML to automate their electric transformer manufacturing process. Lightning Edge ML is designed to enable complex machine learning on constrained devices. Sensors monitor temperature, dust and humidity levels and produce real-time insights on how each part of the transformers are assembled, stored, and how long each stage took.  These insights are used to improve operational efficiency.

“DAIHEN’s rapid adoption of edge computing is a testament of the company’s innovative vision, dedication to quality, and understanding of the competitive advantages this type of approach delivers,” said Yuta Endo, vice president, general manager of business development, and head of APAC operations at FogHorn. “The FogHorn solution is uniquely designed to transform today’s existing industrial edge environment into an intelligent fabric that delivers real-time insights and real-world business results.  We are thrilled to welcome Daihen to our world-class roster of global industrial clients.”

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