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Data Sharing & Marketplaces: Enabling the Data-Driven Enterprise

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New technology enables a wide range of data sharing models that help businesses monetize data assets without distributing or disclosing sensitive information.

Data sharing is a necessity for modern data-driven organizations to gain an edge on competitors and provide improvements to operations and end users, however, finding and integrating high-quality data can present a myriad of challenges.

At the Data Sharing & Marketplaces virtual event, part of the Eckerson Group’s CDO TechVent series, leaders in the industry will discuss the next frontier in data and explore some of the new data sharing and monetization models that vendors are offering to businesses, along with guidance on the best practices. 

Data sharing is an expansive sector and one which is growing at a rapid rate, as more organizations look to implement data sharing with third-parties. The growth of cloud migration of the pandemic has supercharged a lot of data services, and there has been an increase in tools and frameworks available that are focused on making data sharing as easy and powerful as possible.

One critical area the event speakers will address is the fact that there is now new technology that makes the data sharing process infinitely easier. In fact, businesses now can easily enrich existing data with third-party data and transform traditional data consumers into data suppliers who monetize their aggregated, anonymized data assets.

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Another emerging aspect the event will cover is the idea of data marketplaces. This concept is rapidly gaining interest in that it allows businesses to monetize their digital assets. And it allows businesses to access new sources to complement and enhance their digital assets.

Naturally, a major issue about such marketplaces is privacy and compliance with regulations. Some of the sessions focus on this topic and will discuss approaches to the issue such as data clean rooms.

Here is a quick glance at the schedule of the event: 

Welcome and Keynote Session

Wayne Eckerson, the President of Eckerson Group, will be joined by Eric Wrobel of CoreLogic, Ludovic Codeluppi of Afteriize, and Kevin Petrie of the Eckerson Group to introduce the event and share some of the key statistics in the data sharing and data marketplaces industry. 

Technology Panel

After the keynote, Fabrice Tocco of Dawex, Ian Gilbert of Revelate and Ian Stahl of Informatica will discuss some of the key technology practices and standards.

Breakout Sessions

There will be four breakout sessions happening at the same time after the technology panel:

  • Activating a Data Sharing Capability: Strategies for Success with Steven Schwartz and Uri Bushey of Narrative I/O
  • Data Commercialization: How A Multi-Layer Data Marketplace Drives Revenue Growth with Colin Brown of Revelate
  • Data Sharing with an Intelligent Data Management Cloud with Ian Stahl from Informatica 
  • How Creating Data Ecosystems Impacts Business Competitiveness with Didier Navez of Dawex

Key Takeaways

There will be a 15 minute wrap-up sessions after the breakout sessions are finished.

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