Forrester: Enterprise Data Virtualization Now Critical to Every Organization


Everyone is now in the data business, and data virtualization is a critical tool to make sense of this massive data pile. But who leads in this space?

According to the latest report from research and analysis firm Forrester Research, “Enterprise data virtualization has become critical to every organization in overcoming growing data challenges,” with greater access to data and better flexibility and capacity for analysis of this data spurring this realization that, no matter what your real product is, you are now in the data business.

It’s going beyond tropes of “big data” — improving the quality of the data analyzed as the quantity of this data being made available continues to spike — and it’s increasingly becoming a story of data velocity. It’s more than “more data that’s better structured,” it’s that more data is coming in more quickly, all the time.

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In their latest report, Forrester looks at their past research and at their Forrester Wave reports, analysis of client needs, and conducts both vendor and expert interviews to look at the best solutions in the enterprise data virtualization space. The report features vendor rankings, looking at the various offerings, firm strategies, and market footprint and impression for the 13 main vendors in this space.

Among these top 13 is TIBCO; Forrester’s team discusses where TIBCO ranks in this sectoral sizing-up, and you’ll see that they position TIBCO Data Virtualization as a frontrunner in the area of enterprise data virtualization.

You can download and read the “Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q4 2017” report here to learn more about this market.

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