Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending July 9

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In this week’s real-time analytics news: As expected, few announcements were made during the holiday week. But what’s important is quality, not quantity.

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BMC announced the delivery of the industry-standard DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics KPI Dashboard within the BMC Compuware zAdviser solution. The BMC Compuware zAdviser KPI Dashboard for DORA provides insights designed to improve mainframe development team performance and efficiency. In addition, dashboard metrics provide data to measure mainframe software delivery team performance and drive development deployment frequency, lead time for changes, mean time to recovery (MTTR), and change failure rate.

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BangDB launched REST APIs for its converged data platform. It now brings AI and graph and stream processing together in a single product. As such, BangDB is designed for emerging use cases that deal with Edge and Cloud computing in real time. And in many cases, Graph processing with integrated AI and stream is the way to tackle emerging requirements and use cases.

Future AI launched Sallie, its prototype software and artificial entity that learns in real-time with vision, hearing, speaking, and mobility. Sallie emulates the processes of human thought, beginning with perception. Those capabilities give it the ability to draw conclusions, a critical facet of genuine thinking and a necessary component to ushering in artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Revelstoke expanded its case management capabilities to reduce redundant administrative tasks for security analysts. Revelstoke’s Case Automation Security Execution (CASE) Management offering now enables security analysts to use and replicate automated workflows on the fly to solve a multitude of cybersecurity challenges. Leveraging Revelstoke’s Universal Data Layer (UDL), CASE supports the development and deployment of automated, logic-based sub-work flows., formerly known as Monqlab, the leading AIOps developer, has released a cloud-hosted AIOps platform that detects and prevents IT failures in complex, dynamically changing IT environments. The platform is suitable for companies of any size, from SMBs to enterprises, and helps site reliability engineering (SRE), DevOps, and IT Ops professionals by providing quick and simple root-cause analysis and troubleshooting.

Real-time analytics partnerships, collaborations, and more

IBM announced it has acquired, a provider of data observability software. The acquisition strengthens IBM’s software portfolio across data, AI, and automation to address the full spectrum of observability and help businesses ensure that trustworthy data is being put into the right hands of the right users at the right time.

SingleStore announced it has been accepted as a Gold Status Partner in Intel’s Disruptor Initiative. The program helps companies push innovation through technical enablement and multi-channel go-to-market activities. As a result, SingleStore customers will benefit by realizing enhanced database performance and hardware-enhanced security to address real-time data challenges while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Senet and Eclypses announced a collaboration to provide advanced FIPS 140-3 validated security solutions to the IoT ecosystem. Eclypses’ MTE technology designed for IoT endpoints delivers an added level of security for critical infrastructure and business applications that require it. Through this collaboration, Senet customers can purchase Eclypses’ enhanced digital security as an integrated element of Senet’s network services.

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Elisa Polystar announced it has acquired Cardinality, a UK-based supplier of cloud-native data management (DataOps), service assurance, and customer experience analytics for communications service providers (CSPs) globally. By combining with Cardinality, Elisa Polystar will have stronger data management, AI-driven analytics, and automation portfolio with comprehensive data ingestion and cloud-native capabilities. With this transaction, Elisa Polystar is taking further steps on its journey to make self-driving networks happen.

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