FRESH DATA: IIoT Helps Energy Companies Reach Environmental Goals


New research has shown that just over half (54%) of energy organizations want to reduce their environmental footprint by implementing IIoT solutions.

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New research has shown that just over half (54%) of energy organizations want to reduce their environmental footprint by implementing Industrial IoT solutions.

And the companies that have already made the leap to IIoT are mostly seeing payoffs.

According to a new study commissioned by Inmarsat Enterprise, 71% of the organizations that have fully deployed IIoT solutions are already experiencing benefits.

The two largest drivers behind this trend are improving resource efficiency (61%), and monitoring environmental conditions, such as air quality, emissions and environmental contamination (54%).

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According to a release issued by Inmarsat, some of the earliest IIoT successes are in pipeline monitoring, leak detection, and operational efficiency. But the research also showed that organizations without reliable internet connectivity were far less likely to achieve improved environmental sustainability.

“The global nature of the energy sector means that organizations need reliable connectivity to gather mission-critical data from every area of their operations and analyze it in real-time, though patchy terrestrial coverage makes this challenging,” said Gary Bray, Director of Energy at Inmarsat Enterprise. “With global and reliable coverage, only satellite communications offers the levels of connectivity organizations need to make IIoT a success.”

The Inmarsat Research Programme, now in its second year, is focused in 2018 on understanding the ways that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is being adopted by organizations from the agriculture, energy, maritime, mining and transport sectors and the role of satellite connectivity as an IIoT enabler.

Inmarsat commissioned Vanson Bourne, a technology market research company, to interview 750 respondents about their use of, attitude to, and predictions for IIoT within their organization and industry.

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