FRESH DATA: Most Companies Putting Critical Apps in the Cloud


A study by the Cloud Foundry Foundation revealed that companies treat digital transformation as a constant cycle of adaptation.

According to a report released by Cloud Foundry Foundation, a majority of companies have put their mission critical apps in the cloud and are treating digital transformation as a constant cycle rather than as a one-time thing.

Cloud technologies — Platform-as-a-Service, containers, and serverless — continue to grow at scale. Workflows continue to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), also.

“The vast majority of companies agree digital transformation is a constant process of incremental change, rather than a one-time initiative, and are realizing their long-term strategy must involve adaptation to a wide range of unforeseen challenges and technological changes,” said Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Although companies are starting to see the benefits of advanced cloud technologies, what’s coming next—artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain, for example—will continue to prove that the only constant in technology is change.”

Key Findings

Seventy-four percent of respondents said they equate digital transformation as a continuous cycle of growth and adaptation, compared to just 26% who view it as a one-time change. Seventy-five percent of IT decision makers believe in digital transformation, with 86% of CIOs and CTOs in agreement.

  • Multi-platform strategy is flourishing: Almost half (48%) of respondents use a combination of PaaS, containers and serverless technologies — a 9% increase from 2018’s multi-platform report. Companies use combination of all three technologies in various iterations: 72% PaaS and containers together (+8%), 50% use PaaS and serverless together (+7%), and 49% use containers and serverless together (+7%).
  • Container usage widens: Organizations using 100 or more containers has increased from 34% in April 2018 to 48% in February 2019. Sixty-two percent of IT personnel anticipate mainstreaming containers at their organizations within a year.
  • Serverless evaluation slows, but there is broader deployment among users: While there was a slight decline in overall usage and evaluation since September, broad deployment doubled since last year for those using and evaluating serverless — doubling from 9% to 18%.
    Timeline to see digital transformation vary by region: Forty-nine% of North American companies are largely feeling the benefit of digital transformation or expect to in this quarter, though 34% don’t expect to see benefits for a year or more. Conversely, a third of organizations in Asia expect to see benefits later this year while only 24% expect it to take more than 12 months. More than half of European companies (56%) already feel the benefit or expect to this quarter, while a small percentage (19%) expect to feel the benefits within the year.

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To receive a copy of the report, go here.

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