GigaSpaces’ Data Lake Accelerator Aims for Faster Analytics


AnalyticsXtreme offers 100X faster data lake access and speeds up machine learning on both real-time and historical data.

In-memory, real-time analytics platform provider GigaSpaces announced the availability of AnalyticsXtreme. This big data solution promises to offer 100X faster data lake access and increase machine learning on historical and real-time data, making cloud app development and deployment easier and faster.

“Today our customers want to not only accelerate batch analytics, but also require event driven analytics and machine learning in real-time for smarter insights that can be acted upon instantly,” said Yoav Einav, VP Product at GigaSpaces. “AnalyticsXtreme further simplifies enterprise big data architecture in the cloud and on-premise with the fastest software platform that can seamlessly plug and play on existing infrastructure such as Hadoop and Amazon S3. It reduces long ETL processes, eliminates unnecessary data duplication and avoids data ingestion bottlenecks from various data sources.”

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The platform enables interactive queries and machine learning models to run simultaneously on both real-time and historical data built on Hadoop, Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage — and in data warehouses like Snowflake — without needing separate data load procedures. It provides a single data view spanning across real-time and historical data platforms including SQL and Spark dataset, and BI tools like Looker and Tableau.

Better Big Data Solutions

AnalyticsXtreme speeds up applications that use real-time analytics, deep learning, and machine learning to provide real-time insights. It offers:

  • Faster, smarter analytics
  • Real-time access to and analytics on frequently used mutable data and historical data with out-of-the-box ETL
  • Acceleration of batch analytics by orders of magnitude, from days to hours or hours to minutes
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Agile application development leveraging unified API access to reliable, strongly  consistent data across real-time and historical platforms
  • Interactive SQL queries, Machine Learning with Spark dataset/dataframes and JDBC driver for live connections over BI tools, like Tableau and Looker on a unified real-time and historical view
  •  Simpler operations and data governance – automatic lifecycle policy handles the underlying data movement simplifying security and data management.
  •  Seamless multi-region and multi-cloud replication for data lakes and data warehouses

AnalyticsXtreme will be available later this month as part of InsightEdge release 14.2.

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