Google Analytics Now Offers AI-Powered Streaming Analytics


A new tool in Google Analytics uses machine learning to generate real-time insights–a typical application is for ecommerce.

Google has announced improvements to Google Analytics that bring real-time streaming analytics to users. It will show up as a new stream in the Google Analytics mobile app and will come to the web portal soon. The new analytics tool learns over time using machine intelligence and speeds up what can be critical decision making for enterprises.

“Our insight stream enables faster, more informed decision-making that can have real impact on your business,” said Ajay Nainani, product manager, Google Analytics in a blog post, “Data insights in Google Analytics automate the first steps by instantaneously surfacing opportunities and anomalies hiding in the data.”

In a blog post announcing the new tool, Google used ecommerce as an example of how the improved analytics offering can help businesses. During the holiday shopping season, retailers need to know what products are going to be popular, where the best places to advertise are, and how their customers are interacting with them. With the new streaming insights generated by Google Analytics, they can now find the answers to these questions instantly, seeing in real-time what’s trending and what ad placements and shopping portals (mobile or web) are getting the most traffic.

The new insights can be accessed on the dashboard of the iOS and Android apps for Google Analytics and the company says they are working on expanding the tool into different languages and on bringing it to the web and cloud.


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