GRIDSMART Making Roads Safer…From Cyberattack


The group will help transportation industry technology and infrastructure partners develop security programs to make roads safer from cyberattack.

GRIDSMART Technologies has announced the formation of their new Information Security and Threat Intelligence Division (ISTI), a new transportation cybersecurity group that will assist transportation industry technology and infrastructure partners in building successful security programs including recovery strategies.

They’ll provide threat and vulnerability assessments and customized security solutions to state and local Departments of Transportation as well as private organizations. The new division will be headed by cybersecurity expert Antonio Rucci.

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Bill Malkes, Co-Founder and CEO of GRIDSMART, said the ISTI Division was necessary.“There is a clear and present danger of cyberattacks and cyber espionage on our infrastructure daily. Mobility is a strategic area for the enemy to attack. True to core GRIDSMART values, we will be in front of this danger, providing those we serve with practical, simple, and implementable solutions,” he said.

The ISTI will help organizations detect vulnerabilities, secure their systems, uncover penetration points, and design customized solutions to ensure network integrity. Malkes said he believes the new division will prepare customers to handle current threats as well as whatever the future holds for those on our roads.

“Hackers are working tirelessly to discover weaknesses in our national infrastructure,” said Rucci. “In the cyber criminal’s mind, traffic management networks, connected and driverless vehicles, and the spectrum of transportation technologies offer the potential for maximum impact and profound harm. At ISTI, we’re committed to becoming a resource for our clients, helping them build incident response programs and teams; training them to build, exercise, and execute resilient disaster recovery strategies. Data breaches will happen. How you respond defines your company.”

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