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The Trade Desk and Segmint will combine analytics of customer transactions, always-on marketing, and real-time bidding to offer banks secure 1-to-1 marketing across the Internet.

A strategic partnership between The Trade Desk and Segmint will give banks the ability to leverage their customer data for targeted 1-on-1 marketing on the Internet, according to an Oct 27 press release.

Trade Desk’s Demand Side Platform will be integrated with the SegmintOne end-to-end marketing solution. Typically, financial institutions will feed transaction data into the Segmint platform, then Segmint will use that data to determine Key Life Style Indicators (KLIs)—such as spending patterns, shopping preferences, favorite brands and restaurants.

The system then attempts to find a match between a customer’s KLI and a KLI-targeted campaign. With the Trade Desk integration, if a match is found, a bid on ad space is made instantly, and if won, a personalized message can be placed on millions of websites. (Segmint offers examples of a public website, consumer online banking site, business online banking site, mobile site, card portal, or a loyalty and rewards portal).

The companies stressed that the technology adheres to all regulatory requirements, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. The SegmintOne system ingests 12 to 24 months of first party and third-party data, then “anonymizes” the data to make it not accept personally identifiable information (such as a full name, phone number, home address, or social security number). As VentureBeat reported, customer transaction data is assigned a token so the customer can be targeted but not identified.

RTInsights Take: Banks have been constrained in their marketing due to regulations governing privacy of customer data. The ability to get around those restrictions by not using personal identifying information yet still precisely target customers on a massive scale through a media buying platform seems compelling.

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