Marlabs Launches New AI & Cognitive Computing Platform


The new Marlabs platform, dubbed mAdvisor, is designed to act as a “Data Scientist in a Box.”

Digital transformation company Marlabs, Inc has announced the availability of their AI and cognitive computing platform, mAdvisor. According to their announcement, the new platform is positioned as a “Data Scientist in a Box,” a simple solution to the problem of talent shortage in the data scientist field. This shortage makes AI adoption using machine learning and cognitive computing a real challenge.

mAdvisor uses machine learning, natural language generation, machine reasoning and natural language processing to simulate human behavior that is then used to automate tasks like forecasting, data analysis and predictive analytics. The goal is to improve decision making via faster and more accurate insights.

“Our clients have been looking to leverage AI & Cognitive Computing for their data analysis, prediction, and forecasting needs,” said Jay Nair, COO, Marlabs. “With the immense volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data they are being confronted with, conventional analytics tools and technologies were falling short. mAdvisor was designed to solve this specific need. Our clients are seeing the immense value mAdvisor generates in a relatively short time frame. mAdvisor today is the Cog in the Wheel of our clients’ digital transformation journey.”

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mAdvisor is ideal for tackling a variety of business problems such as anomaly detection, churn prediction, performance analysis, predicative maintenance, order fulfillment prediction, stock performance analysis and more. Using the platform enables customers to get shorten their time to market. mAdvisor features automated pattern discovery, prediction and insight presentation using natural language generation to produce narratives that are easy to understand. It’s already in used by several of the company’s key clients with much success. Marlabs says it is saving their customers millions of dollars in data science productivity costs.

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