Honda and IBM Bring Real-Time Analytics to Formula Racing


Honda and IBM have partnered to use Watson IoT technology to analyze data from over 100 sensors in formula racing cars.

IBM announced on March 17th that Honda had selected their IBM Watson IoT technology to analyze data generated by 160 sensors in their Formula One cars. The technology will bring real-time analytics to the race track, giving drivers and their crews the information they need to make better decisions about pit stops, speed adjustments and fuel efficiency.

By 2025, every car will be connected in some way exuding vast amounts of streaming data ranging from traffic updates to health of the vehicle, operations and more,” said Harriet Green, a manager at Watson IoT. She said the partnership would bring “sophisticated IoT cognitive capabilities” to formula racing and could help Honda enhance the fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleet.

In 2014, formula racing’s governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), began requiring all cars to run hybrid engines and limit fuel consumption during races, the announcement stated, and Honda R&D responded by developing a new system to analyze data from those engines to monitor fuel and provide predictive maintenance. IBM’s IoT technology delivers that data, which includes temperature, pressure and power levels, directly to the cloud for analysis.

During each race, data is constantly streamed to the cloud and shared with the pit crew, who are equipped with tablets and mobile technology. Researchers at Honda’s R&D facilities in Japan and the United Kingdom analyze it in real-time. This helps improve vehicle performance and improve longevity of the vehicle’s power unit., the release stated.

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