Honeywell Provides Airlines with Aircraft Analytics


The new service will allow airlines to make strategic decisions on flight operations and planning by collecting all flight data in one place.

Honeywell has introduced a new service designed to bring big data analytics to the airline industry. The service, dubbed GoDirect Flight Efficiency, is the latest addition to the company’s line of GoDirect flight services. It’s designed to help airlines make flight operation decisions by collecting all flight data-flight plans, fuel usage, navigation charts, weather, aircraft performance and more-in to one easy-to-access dashboard.

The data is then used to generate real-time insights for pilots during all points of a flight. They hope the insights will result in more fuel-efficient planes and more on-time flights.

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“Based on customer feedback, having access to one location where all data is stored — reviewed and available when needed — is invaluable in making informed flight and operations decisions,” said Michael Edmonds, president, Services & Connectivity, Honeywell Aerospace. “GoDirect Flight Efficiency allows airline operators to do just that. For example, pilots are able to view shortcut routes during flight and receive recommendations on climb speeds and cruise altitudes to save fuel. Maintainers can also more closely monitor aircraft performance based on specific airports and flight paths. No other company can offer this depth of service to improve flight operations.”

GoDirect Flight Efficiency includes Honeywell’s data analytics platform and optimization tools. It is scalable so it can be used by any size airline. Honeywell says airlines using it have reported up to 5% fuel savings and shortening of both short and long flights.

It can help streamline operations and increase efficiency for more efficient flight path and better historical information on airports. The new GoDirect Service is now available on a subscription basis.

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