How Graph Technology Combats Climate Change


Graph technology is being used to harness sustainable energy, boost energy efficiency, and combat climate change.

The climate change clock is ticking —and the alarm has been ringing for years.

Headlines about higher global temperatures and extreme weather-related disasters (and more of them) have become all too familiar. As global energy-related CO2 emissions are predicted to grow by almost five percent this year, countries worldwide are working to prevent a global catastrophe — a catastrophe that would encompass not only weather events but crop growth, infectious diseases, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, polluted air, and much more. In fact, climate change could result in more than 100 million people living in extreme poverty by 2030 unless definitive action is taken.

Todd Blaschka

About Todd Blaschka

Todd Blaschka is the Chief Operating Officer at TigerGraph responsible for driving growth initiatives and scaling business operations. He is a technology industry veteran with nearly 20 years of sales leadership experience and a strong background in strategy and products. Prior to TigerGraph, Blaschka was vice president of worldwide sales at Clustrix, Inc. Additionally, he served as vice president of sales at Dataguise and has held various sales and marketing leadership positions at IBM, Electric Cloud and Sendmail, Inc., which was acquired by Proofpoint, Inc. in 2013.

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