Huawei Safe City Platform Aims to Reduce Dubai Crime


A Huawei smart city platform for the Dubai Police Department involves video surveillance to detect and prevent crime, as well as ensure road safety.

The Dubai Police department announced May 30 that they will use Huawei’s Safe City Solutions, a collection of IoT and other tools for predictive policing and road safety.

The Huawei safe city platform includes video surveillance with intelligent search, facial recognition, license plate detection, and alerts for traffic violations such as speeding. The platform is based on a variety of technologies including LAN, WLAN, xPON, microwave, LTE, and solar power supply. It also includes a suite of analytics functions, real-time object tracking, intrusion detection and video-browsing. Data is transmitted in real-time to cloud-based data centers for use in immediate decision making.

There are six main components that make up the Safe City platform: Convergent Command Center; Cloud-Based Intelligent Video Surveillance; Smart Road Safety; 4G Mission-Critical Broadband Trunking; Agile Communication Network; and Secured Cloud Data Center.

Huawei’s Smart Road Safety solution has the ability to automatically recognize a license plate and track a vehicle across the the city. It can also detect illegal activities such as speeding and running red lights and alert dispatch. The Smart Road Safety solution can also aggregate traffic data and generate multiple reports to aid departments in decision making.

According to Huawei, its Safe City solutions are in use in more than 100 cities in 30 countries across the world.


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