Cognitive Christmas: IBM Watson Analyzes, Suggests Gifts


A new IBM Watson app and portal uses natural language processing and real-time data to provide shoppers with instant suggestions based on current trends.

IBM Watson won “Jeopardy!” But can it win Christmas?

If you have a gift list a mile long and don’t know where to start? IBM Watson is ready to help. The global technology company’s new AI platform, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze massive amounts of data and provide real-time insights, is now being deployed to analyze shopping trends and suggest gifts.

The new Watson Trend app (iOS only) and Watson Trend Benchmark Live portal provide real-time data on current online sales trends. A look at the Trend Benchmark Live portal reveals constantly updating stats on everything from online sales figures to cart abandonment rates. The Watson Trend app acts like a personal shopper, but with a twist. It analyzes millions of blog posts, tweets, forums, Facebook posts and other online and social networking data to reveal up-to-the minute data on what people are buying, and why.

Because IBM Watson is able to understand and process human language, it’s able to sift through the massive amounts of data generated on line each day to reveal trends and compile real-time analytics on consumer behavior. Both the IBM Watson app and the Trend Benchmark Live portal are free to access.

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