SAP and WISeKey team up for IoT Security


WISeKey’s Managed Cryptographic Root of Trust secure IoT Edge Device will integrate with devices using SAP HANA® Cloud Platform for IoT.

Swiss cyber security firm WISeKey and global data management company SAP announced they are teaming up in new partnership aimed at IoT security. Through the collaboration, announced on June 27, WISEeKey’s Managed Root of Trust secure IoT edge device will be integrated with devices using SAP’s Hana Cloud IoT platform.

“Securing data communications from edge devices to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for the IoT and SAP solutions for the IoT is a prerequisite for any bi directional enterprise IoT use case,” said Gil Perez, SVP Digital Assets & IoT, General Manager IoT Security SAP SE. “By working with WiseKey, we are continuing to offer our customers options for ensuring the validity and scalability of sensor data powering SAP IoT platform and solutions.”

There is no question the IoT has numerous benefits, but, “such benefits bring security risks which can’t be ignored. Fake objects interacting in networks, injection of misleading data in industrial setups, eavesdropping of confidential information…the inclusion of security techniques in the IoT is critical to enable such benefits while controlling the risks.” WISeKey stated on their website.

SAP stated in the announcement that just having sensors alone isn’t enough. For true value and monetization possibilities, the data those sensors collect must be secure in order for enterprises to gain valuable insights and decision making information.

Currently WISeKey is deploying security via security digital identities to wearables and watches using its Managed Cryptographic Root of Trust and NFC trusted technology. It’s projected that the global market for wearables will grow at a annual rate of 35 percent over the next five years, the announcement stated. The Managed WISeKey Root of Trust (RoT) serves is designed to ensure authenticity, privacy and integrity for online transaction. When it is embedded on device, that device’s manufacturers can use cloud based signature-as- a-service and code signing certificates to secure device/human interactions.

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