An IoT Mattress to Catch Cheaters


The Smarttress uses sensors to let you know if your partner is cheating.

Consumer IoT devices keep getting more outrageous. There’s the smart bra for fitness tracking, an egg tray to spot rotten eggs, and a Bluetooth-enabled toilet.

Spanish mattress maker Durmet may have topped them all. It has launched Smarttress, an IoT-connected mattress that has one function–to let you know if your partner is cheating. It does this by using sensors that are designed to detect “suspicious activity” occurring on the bed. If such activity is detected, an alert is sent to the owner’s smartphone via the bed’s app. What happens next is up to the owner.

Durmet contends the IoT mattress is needed.

“Seeing the latest research on infidelity in Spain, and considering that 94 percent of Spaniards’ preferred place for lovemaking was in their own home, we thought we could give peace of mind to men and women, not only at night, but also during the day when they have to go out to work,” said company spokesman José Antonio Muiño.

The company says the app will even tell the user what parts of the bed are seeing the most use in real time. They also stressed that they are indeed a real company, in business since 2012 with 10 employees that make around 70 mattresses a day.

The mattress, which has the slogan, “If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is,” retails for $1,750.


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