Kafka Training is Essential in Today’s Real-time World


Many businesses lack the expertise in Apache Kafka’s use. If that’s the case with your organization, here are some sources for Kafka training and certification.

We’re in an era of real time. Businesses have a wealth of data coming from every engagement with their customers, every device in the field, every transaction executed by enterprise applications, and more. Much of that data only has value for a short time and thus needs to be acted on immediately. As such, there is great interest in Apache Kafka and, naturally, Kafka training and certification.

What’s driving the interest? Apache Kafka is the solution of choice for working with such data. It helps support applications that make use of event streaming, which, as Kafka organization’s website notes: “is the practice of capturing data in real-time from event sources like databases, sensors, mobile devices, cloud services, and software applications in the form of streams of events; storing these event streams durably for later retrieval; manipulating, processing, and reacting to the event streams in real-time as well as retrospectively; and routing the event streams to different destination technologies as needed.”

As is the case with any rapidly adopted technology, many businesses lack the expertise in its use. So, many need Kafka training. Fortunately, there are many places to get help, ranging from open-source communities, vendors, and traditional online and in-person training organizations.

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If your organization needs Kafka training, below are some places you might try. (Note: This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all Kafka training resources.) There is great variation in these courses. Some are free; others are not. Some can be taken online at a user’s convenience; others include class time. Some are introductory level, covering the basics; others include hands-on work. Some are for purely educational purposes, while others lead to certification that can be used to demonstrate proficiency in the technology.

With that said, here is a sample of the Kafka training and certification courses on the market today:


Confluent offers different training depending on the needs of the user. For those just getting started, Confluent offers free courses, tutorials, videos, and quick starts. Confluent Certification training takes things a level higher, providing comprehensive learning resources, study guides, and step-by-step training materials to help users get certified the easiest way possible.


Edureka’s Apache Kafka Certification Training is developed and honed by industry experts with more than 10+ years of experience. They and the course work train users so that they can develop real-time stream processing data pipelines. Throughout the course, attendees learn different concepts such as Kafka architecture, configuring Kafka clusters, working with Kafka APIs, performance tuning, and more.


edX offers Kafka courses that help participants develop the skills needed to build data pipelines and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes with the platform. Part of the work helps attendees learn how to implement Kafka, data pipelines, and ETL with hands-on practice labs.


Kafka training from Intellipaat equips users with the skills needed to use Apache Kafka professionally. Some of the topics included in the online training course are the Kafka APIs, creating Kafka clusters, how to integrate Kafka with other data ecosystems, and more.

KnowledgeHut upGrad

KnowledgeHut upGrad offers Apache Kafka training and certification. It features 24 hours of Instructor-led training classes and immersive, hands-on learning on Apache Kafka. Attendees leave with an understanding of Kafka concepts and the knowledge of how to deploy Apache Kafka, Kafka Cluster, and more.


In the course Getting Started with Apache Kafka, attendees get an understanding of Apache Kafka’s architecture, and how, using its distributed systems design principles, it can scale and perform reliably. According to Pluralsight, “By the end of the course, attendees will come away with confidence and knowledge to build your next-generation big data solutions with Apache Kafka.”


This Kafka certification training program helps participants master the architecture, installation, configuration, and interfaces of Kafka open-source messaging. It offers self-paced training and an exam at the end to earn Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) certification.

A closing note on Apache Kafka training

As you can see, there is great variability in these offerings. Obviously, explore the specifics of any offering and be sure it meets your needs.

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