MapR Offers Edge Processing Engine


New MapR Edge features processing and analytics close to the source of data.

Converged data platform provider MapR announced the availability of MapR Edge, a new version of their Converged Data Platform designed to collect and analyze IoT data at or close to the source.

MapR Edge offers secure processing and quick insight aggregation for edge devices in an IoT network, the company said in an announcement at Strata + Hadoop World.

“The use cases for IoT continue to grow and in many situations, the volume of data generated at the edge requires bandwidth levels that overwhelm the available resources,” said Jason Stamper of 451 Research. “MapR is pushing the computation and analysis of IoT data close to the sources, allowing more efficient and faster decision-making locally, while also allowing subsets of the data to be reliably transported to a central analytics deployment.”

MapR Edge integrates a distributed elastic data plane for distributed file processing and consistent geo-distributed database applications. Benefits for IoT and edge application deployments include distributed data aggregation, converged analytics, bandwidth-awareness, and unified security, the company said. It also adheres to standards including POSIX and HDFS for file access; ANSI SQL for querying; Apache Kafka API for event streams; and Apache HBase and OJAI for NoSQL databases.

MapR Edge is available now in 3-5 node configurations.  Deployments are used in conjunction with analytics and operational clusters running on the MapR Converged Enterprise Edition.


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