New Webinar: How to Scale IoT with 5G and Edge Computing

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With the growth in IoT, 5G and edge computing needs to be built out quickly. What will be required to roll this out and what opportunities will it unlock?

Working with our partners at ADLINK, we invite you to listen in to their webinar — Scaling the IoT with 5G and Edge Computing — available by completing the form below.

With the growth in IoT, the need to build out critical communications and computing capacities at the edge is becoming urgent. Connected cars could send 25GB of data hourly to the cloud, while fully autonomous vehicles operating in the downtown core of a big U.S city may wind up generating 4,000GB of data per day.

Latency in existing networks, like LTE, may seem workable at 60-70 milliseconds to move and process data for today’s applications, but that latency needs to be slashed to allow an autonomous car to move freely and safely. A car going 70 miles per hour could travel six feet with today’s latency restrictions before acting on new data, a potential danger to everyone using the roads.

Enter 5G and edge computing to solve that issue; this webinar will cover how that change is happening. Speakers include:

  • Valerie Parker – Director, 5G infrastructure strategy with Intel’s network platform group
  • Jeff Sharpe – Senior Strategic Product Manager at ADLINK
  • Iain Gillott – Founder and President of iGR and the webinar’s moderator

Edge Computing Will Open Opportunities

But it’s not just about autonomous cars. In healthcare, think of a remote surgeon operating on a patient — a 60-millisecond latency-related gap would be like that surgeon operating with a tremor. And as with the expansion of the internet as a utility in the early 2000s, there are no doubt countless business use cases we haven’t even thought of as of yet, all opened up via 5G and edge compute’s expansion.

This network growth could unlock hundreds of billions of new revenue, from smart cities applications to new mobile content delivery.

During this webinar, you can expect to find out how:

  • 5G networks will enable IoT expansion and what the new architecting of edge infrastructure will look like
  • Edge compute capacity and wireless networks will need to expand together to realize benefits
  • New revenue streams can be accessed with this infrastructure expansion

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