Nokia Launches New IoT Platform, IMPACT


The platform is designed for service providers, governments and enterprises who want a secure and application-independent platform.

Nokia has announced the launch of its new IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things) IoT platform. According to the June 14 announcement, the platform is designed for governments, service providers, and enterprises who want a secure and application independent platform.

Nokia said the platform is “particularly strong” in device management, security and analytics. These areas matter because “as we work to collect and derive meaning from IoT data,” that data “becomes more valuable and more crucial to protect,” said Bhaskar Gorti of Nokia in the announcement.

IMPACT includes an update to the company’s Motive Connected Device Platform which they say currently manages over 1.5 billion devices. The new update integrates all of Nokia’s IoT device management and mobile software. MCDP is able to manage over 80,000 different models of IoT, home, and broadband devices.

IMPACT is designed to be a comprehensive solution, handing data collection, analytics, end-to-end security, event processing, and contextualization for any device, protocol and application. Its key features include:

  •  Scalability: customers can add on-demand server capacity.
  •  Security: uses the latest lightweight M2M (LWM2M) security mode.
  •  Increased device support: can detect new device formats that come to market and supports private, public cloud, private cloud, SaaS and transactional business models.
  •  Improved network and device management

Nokia says that IMPACT represents the last of what is considers to be the four key building blocks for every IoT solution: Applications (for connected cars, smart cities, smart homes, first responders, and energy management); platforms; devices and sensors; and platform infrastructure. The new platform is available now to interested customers.    


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