Python Data Science Leader Rolls Out Anaconda Enterprise 5


The update is designed to help organizations respond to customers and stakeholders faster, deliver strategic insight for rapid decision-making and take advantage of cutting edge machine learning.

Python data science leader Anaconda has introduced Anaconda Enterprise 5, which is designed to help organizations take advantage of machine learning and with rapid decision making. It’s built on the company’s popular Python data science platform and Anaconda says it can amplify the impact of an organizations data science efforts by securely connecting them to all levels of the organization.

It’s touted as having a simple one-click interface that can securely deploy live dashboards. Excel data sets and charts, and REST APIs, so IT departments can connected the right departments with the right data.

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Anaconda Enterprise is commercially supported open source and has an IT-friendly containerized platform with graphical operations and monitoring.

When you can’t find a data scientist ….

“In a world where data scientists are scarce resources, Anaconda Enterprise 5 amplifies their organizational impact by making it easy to quickly and securely deploy their models. The new platform allows users to collaborate using the tools and methods that executives, business analysts and developers already use,” said Scott Collison, CEO, Anaconda.

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“For executives and business analysts, data scientists can deploy rich graphical dashboards and interactive reports. Developers get REST API access,” Collison said . With the security and scale IT organizations demand, Anaconda Enterprise 5 puts Python data science in the hands of those most empowered by it.”

Anaconda Enterprise 5 is available now.


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