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In this week’s real-time analytics news: Numerous companies achieved Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery and Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB designations.

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Salesforce announced New Automotive Cloud features to help automotive companies increase productivity, revenue, and customer loyalty. With Automotive Cloud, automotive companies can deliver immersive, in-car experiences powered by real-time personalization and build truly connected experiences at every customer touch point, whether they are driving, buying, or servicing their vehicle.

New capabilities coming to Automotive Cloud include:

  • Automotive Cloud Intelligence will leverage Salesforce Einstein AI and CRM Analytics to provide real-time intelligence and actionable insights across the auto ecosystem.
  • With Salesforce Data Cloud and MuleSoft, automakers can process and integrate real-time vehicle, customer, and retail data with Automotive Cloud to deliver more personalized connected car and customer experiences.
  • With Inventory Management, business users will be able to search and segment retail and network inventory data to track sales performance and manage shortages.
  • The new Experience Cloud for Automotive Cloud will create connected, personalized digital experiences fast. It also helps auto companies collaborate more efficiently with ecosystem partners (dealers and agents).

Real-time analytics news in brief

BigID announced native data privacy capabilities to easily automate and help fulfill California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) requirements.

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announced the general availability of Charmed Kubeflow 1.7. This latest release offers the ability to run serverless machine learning workloads and perform model serving, regardless of the framework that professionals use. This new capability unburdens developers from explicitly describing the infrastructure underneath.  

D2iQ announced the launch of DKP Gov, a new container-management solution optimized for deployment within the government sector.

DataStax announced the open-source release of Kaskada – a modern, open-source event processing engine. The unique characteristics of Kaskada made it ideal for real-time machine learning. However, while ML will always be a great use case for Kaskada, the company realized it could be used for so much more, such as event processing.

Digitate announced its new release – Eagle – advances AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities across its entire product line. The release expands its integrated SaaS-based AIOps platform with closed-loop automation, advanced observability, and a single-pane cloud management console.

Joget announced the general availability of its flagship platform, Joget DX 8. With Joget DX 8, non-technical business users, power users, and professional developers can build and deploy applications with greater efficiency, allowing them to focus on delivering a more streamlined and engaging user experience.   

MariaDB announced the availability of a new release of MariaDB SkySQL, a second-generation cloud database service. SkySQL offers fully managed databases, including its flagship distributed SQL product MariaDB Xpand for maximum resilience and scalability.

Modak announced a new release of Modak Nabu, an integrated modern data orchestration platform that enables enterprises to deliver Data Fabric at scale.

mParticle introduced new capabilities to scale the way teams execute their first-party data strategy. With Warehouse Sync, data teams can easily unify their customer data pipelines, establish a continuous 360° customer view, and more without preparing data or maintaining multiple products.

ngrok announced ngrok-rs, its native and idiomatic crate for adding secure ingress into Rust apps. ngrok-rs lets developers serve Rust services on the internet in a single statement without setting up low-level network primitives like IPs, certificates, load balancers, or ports. ngrok is using ngrok-rs to build ngrok SDKs for other languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Java.

NuMind launched out of private beta and introduced a solution that uses large language models (LLMs) and its proprietary Interactive AI Development learning paradigm that allows companies to quickly create machine learning models.

PagerDuty announced the newest PagerDuty Process Automation release within its essential infrastructure for critical work, the PagerDuty Operations Cloud solution. These updates enable organizations to orchestrate automation across secure cloud and data center environments.

Pegasystems announced updates to Pega Cloud, supported by an enhanced Global Operations Center to deliver a more scalable, reliable, and secure foundation for its suite of AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation solutions.

Protegrity announced the launch of the Protegrity Borderless Data Solution to enable easy, secure, and compliant cross-border data flows for large global enterprises. The new solution brings together a suite of data security tools designed to help businesses reap the benefits of their investments in globalization in an increasingly fragmented global privacy regulatory landscape.

Reciprocity announced that it will be rebranding to RiskOptics. Additionally, the company launched the next generation of its Risk Observation, Assessment, and Remediation (ROAR) Platform, an offering that provides organizations with risk insight in the context of business initiatives.

SIOS Technology announced the availability of SIOS LifeKeeper version 9.7 clustering software with new capabilities for HA and DR protection for SAP HANA environments. SIOS LifeKeeper v9.7 enables customers to deploy a multitarget high availability environment in which HANA operates on a primary node and, in the event of a failure or disaster, can failover to a secondary or tertiary target node located in a different cloud Availability Zone or on-premises disaster recovery location.

Synopsys launched, a suite of AI-driven solutions for the design, verification, testing, and manufacturing of the most advanced digital and analog chips. Now, engineers can use AI at every stage of chip design, from system architecture to design and manufacturing and access the solutions in the cloud.

Yugabyte announced key updates to YugabyteDB Managed, including the launch of the YugabyteDB Managed Command Line Interface (CLI). Additionally, it announced a new integration with AWS PrivateLink, faster scaling, and over 125 new observability metrics, further enhancing overall security and operations.

Zenoss announced the launch of a free trial for monitoring Kubernetes. Zenoss Cloud monitoring for Kubernetes is generally available now, with no download required. 

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Anomalo announced that it has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery and Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB designations. By earning these designations, Anomalo has proven its data quality platform has met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with BigQuery and AlloyDB. 

Datametica launched its SaaS-based technology, Pelican, on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Pelican lets businesses compare, validate, and reconcile datasets across two heterogeneous data stores at a massive scale.

Decodable announced that it has expanded the enterprise features of its platform with the addition of a Snowflake Streaming API connector and a dbt adapter. For data engineers, this means being able to ingest real-time data into their Snowflake cloud data warehouse. For analytics engineers, data analysts, and data scientists, it is now easier to manage streaming and batch transformation simultaneously in a single workflow with dbt and Decodable.

Dremio and Domo announced a new partnership to expand access to critical data. Through a native data integration with Domo Cloud Amplifier, joint customers can easily connect to Domo to analyze data directly on a Dremio data lakehouse.

Elastic announced expanded capabilities for Elastic Security, including Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for AWS, container workload security, and cloud vulnerability management.

Hasura announced that it has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDBdesignation for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. The designation recognizes the partner solutions that have met a core set of functional requirements and validated them in collaboration with Google Cloud engineering teams.

IBM and Wasabi Technologies announced they are collaborating to help enterprises run applications across any environment – on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge – and enable users to cost-efficiently access and utilize key business data and analytics in real time.

Incorta announced that it has partnered with Google Cloud as part of several initiatives around cloud computing and analytics deployments. The partnerships include Incorta validating its technology through the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery and AlloyDB initiatives.

ITTIA announced the availability of ITTIA DB software for VxWorks RTOS and the Wind River Linux operating system. Together, ITTIA DB and Wind River software offers a great edge computing platform for developers of embedded system applications.

KORE Group Holdings announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Twilio’s IoT business unit. The acquisition will bring to market a one-stop shop for building, deploying, managing, and scaling IoT operations throughout the entire lifecycle and more.

Logpoint announced that its Business Critical Security (BCS)solution is now available on the SAP Store. BCS integrates with SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP ERP and provides greater visibility and capabilities to detect, monitor, and respond to security breaches and fraud attempts.

Lightbits announced that it has been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a program designed to enable organizations to ideate, develop, grow, and scale their offering on the Azure cloud platform by providing the necessary resources for every stage of their cloud-first journey.

Quest Software announced that its erwin Data Modeler has achieved the Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB Designation. Google customers can now leverage and deploy integrated data modeling capabilities offered by erwin as the foundation for their data management and governance efforts.

Sinequa announced the integration of Microsoft Azure Open AI Service into its Neural Search capabilities. This helps businesses combine relevance with sharp summaries and a conversational interface. It is designed to help users obtain and interact with information faster and more naturally.

SnapLogic announced its availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace and that the company has successfully achieved a Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB designation.

Starburst announced that it has successfully achieved the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery designation. Its latest innovations with Google Cloud bring the power of Starburst to native Google Cloud services Dataplex and BigQuery.

ThoughtSpot and Google Cloud announced an expanded partnership that includes delivery of ThoughtSpot’s SaaS offering on Google Cloud, a deep integration with Looker Modeler, and bringing ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics to Google Connected Sheets, along with new ways to purchase, deploy, and consume ThoughtSpot on the Google Cloud.

UiPath and Amelia announced a partnership that brings together the power of the UiPath Business Automation Platform with Amelia’s enterprise-grade Conversational AI to create a fully integrated IT digital agent solution. The combined offering will enable customers to deliver personalized employee experiences at scale. 

Weborama announced a partnership with Snowflake. The partnership will enable businesses to reach more of their customers efficiently and intelligently while maintaining their customer data in a seamless and secure environment.

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