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Partnerships abound to speed the adoption of real-time analytics and systems, and new offerings target streaming analytics and digital twins.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here is a short list of some news from this week:

Hitachi Vantara announced the availability of  Hitachi Kubernetes Service, an enterprise-grade solution for managing multiple Kubernetes environments. Hitachi Kubernetes Service lets users simply, consistently, and securely deploy, manage, monitor, and govern Kubernetes clusters across major cloud providers and on-premises. Hitachi Kubernetes Service helps organizations accelerate the adoption of cloud-native applications by streamlining the management of the underlying infrastructure and Kubernetes cluster deployments. It also significantly simplifies how developers will use and consume IT-delivered container services whether these are delivered from on-premises or hybrid environments. The self-service catalog lets customers optimize their experience by customizing it to match their business requirements and rapidly deploy curated applications across a hybrid Kubernetes landscape. Additionally, Hitachi Kubernetes Service provides enterprise-grade security with secure communications between the Kubernetes clusters and the SaaS management plane in the cloud.

Datatron, a provider of AI ModelOps and governance at scale solutions, announced the immediate availability of the Datatron Governance Dashboard, an adaptive, performance-based artificial intelligence (AI) governance solution. This new offering provides AI and machine learning (ML) model transparency risk management to comply with regulations while optimizing business outcomes. Because many ML initiatives work in isolation from each other and don’t directly support—or can even hinder—a company’s broader business, regulatory, and privacy objectives, the Datatron Governance Dashboard provides model traceability and confidence in AI applications. The dashboard provides analytic leaders, business stakeholders, and data scientists a birds-eye, multi-level view of how their models perform in production via the smart visualization of key metrics.

Semtech Corporation announced Digital Matter, a leading supplier of GPS and Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and device management software, has utilized Semtech’s LoRa Edge asset management platform to develop the Yabby Edge, an innovative battery-powered tracking device for indoor/outdoor asset management. The LoRa Edge (LR1110) platform significantly reduces the cost and complexity of IoT asset management in key applications such as pallet and warehouse equipment tracking, inventory and shipment management, trolley, cart and container tracking, medical equipment management, and more.

Atos and IBM announced the expansion of a strategic global alliance to help companies accelerate their digital transformation and optimize business processes. The expanded alliance includes an intended focus on the development of joint offerings built on Atos’ vertical decarbonized solution and service delivery assets, powered by IBM. As a result of the alliance, businesses can expect to have access to industry-specific automation solutions using AI and hybrid cloud technologies to enable digital acceleration and increase productivity and reduce costs. Atos and IBM will work together to address business challenges to serve the manufacturing, energy and utilities, oil and gas, retail, and transportation sectors.

ScaleOut Software released enhanced support for developing streaming analytics applications that run on its ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service.  Now developers can build real-time digital twin models through a widely used technique called a “rules engine” as an alternative to writing application code in programming languages such as Java, C#, or JavaScript. This technique reduces development time and lowers the barrier for developers and analysts by eliminating the need for specialized programming skills. To ensure fast and easy application development, a new software tool, called the ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool, provides comprehensive features for building and testing rules engine-based models.

Indigo.Design announced the public preview of Indigo.Design App Builder. The new tool expands the Indigo.Design design-to-code system by providing designers and developers a common cloud-based platform to build and iterate UI/UX designs in real time, all while using the design tools they prefer. Once their UI is pixel-perfect, users can transform their designs into clean, production-ready code with one-click. With the introduction of Indigo App Builder, designers can see and experience their live running apps and real-time source code during design, letting them iterate without writing a single line of code. They can then turn everything they design into production-ready HTML, TypeScript, and CSS for Angular. Also, this year, App Builder will additionally generate code for React, Web Components, and Blazor.

Kyligence announced the availability of Kyligence Cloud 4, its new cloud-native distributed big data analytics platform. Through the use of machine learning, Kyligence Cloud’s AI-augmented engine automatically identifies the most frequently accessed datasets from SQL query history, analyst usage patterns, data profiles, and runtime metrics and uses that intelligence to efficiently rationalize analytical models. Kyligence Cloud has an intuitive administrative user experience that significantly reduces operating and maintenance costs. Available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, Kyligence Cloud 4 combines high performance and high concurrency OLAP, a cloud-native architecture, and auto-optimization using machine learning algorithms to simplify and automate cloud analytics.

Behavox, an AI-based data operating platform used by firms to catch misconduct before it causes massive regulatory fines and company crises, today announced a new integration partnership with Red Box, a leading platform for voice data, to help maximize the value of captured audio across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The partnership will ensure the seamless ingestion of audio conversations by Red Box’s new Conversa platform and integration into the Behavox platform, enabling the delivery of detailed, actionable analytics for leading financial firms. The partnership also will enable customers to leverage and analyze their own data to help avoid regulatory fines and protect and preserve the integrity of their operations, as well as the hard-earned trust from their own clients.

Uniphore announced the acquisition of Emotion Research Lab, a developer that uses AI and machine learning, to identify emotion and engagement levels in real-time over video-based interactions. When combined with Uniphore’s Conversational Service Automation (CSA) solutions, which understands, analyzes, and automates voice conversations in real-time, Emotion Research Lab’s extensive video-focused AI capabilities will deliver entirely new applications and experiences across the enterprise. Combining voice and video AI with automation and machine learning will open up new use cases, including customer experience, sales, marketing, HR, and other critical areas of business. 

Real-time analytics news in brief:

Geoverse announced a partnership with ClearBlade, a leading provider of IoT and edge computing solutions. When combined with a Geoverse private network, the turnkey IoT solution can give enterprises and cities the flexibility they need to operate smarter and better while offering a clear path to 5G.

dunnhumby announced it is preparing to launch an Enterprise Edition of dunnhumby Model Lab, a machine learning automation tool for data scientists built on Microsoft Azure.

Apacer, a manufacturer of industrial memory, announced the mass production of a full range of industrial-grade DDR4-3200 wide-temperature memory modules for high-performance edge computing and artificial intelligence of things (AIoT). 

Cognira, a retail AI software provider, today announced the public availability of its AI Promotion Solution. With this launch, Cognira gives retailers the power to plan, manage, analyze, and optimize promotions easily, accurately, and effectively for optimal ROI.

TOOQ Solutions selected NetFoundry Inc.’s Edge and IoT Platform for secure and simple provisioning, management, and networking of TOOQ’s innovative edge and IoT retail analytics solutions. By embedding NetFoundry’s programmable networking into its solutions as cloud orchestrated software, TOOQ ensured its innovative retail AI analytics solutions are secure and reliable. 

TCG Digital, the flagship IT consulting, data science, and digital transformation company of The Chatterjee Group (TCG) recently announced the release of tcg mcube 4.0—a critical upgrade to its state-of-the-art advanced analytics and AI platform. With AI-based computer vision, tcg mcube 4.0 connects to convert live camera feeds or static frame capture and uses AI/ML to detect objects and events.

AMAX ’s HPC and AI Solutions Group announced the launch of its NVIDIA A100 GPU Test Drive program for businesses to accelerate demanding analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), inference, and training workloads with a test drive of AMAX’s AceleMax series of NVIDIA GPU-based data center servers.

VAST Data announced a new reference architecture based on NVIDIA DGX A100 systems and VAST Data’s Universal Storage platform. This reference architecture is designed to significantly increase storage performance for AI use cases such as large-scale training of conversational AI models and petabyte-scale data analytics. 

Infosys announced the launch of an Infosys Cobalt offering, its applied AI cloud, built on NVIDIA DGX™ A100 systems.  NVIDIA Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology will enable Infosys to improve infrastructure efficiency and maximize utilization of each DGX A100 system. 

Splice Machine announced it launched the Splice Machine Feature Store. The solution will help more companies operationalize machine learning by reducing the complexity of feature engineering and allow data scientists to make the right decisions based on real-time data.

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