Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending July 24


In this week’s real-time analytics news: Google Cloud previews its Healthcare Data Engine that harmonizes many types of medical data from different sources.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here are some of the news items from this week:

Google Cloud announced the preview of Healthcare Data Engine, an end-to-end solution for healthcare and life sciences organizations that harmonizes data from multiple sources, including medical records, claims, clinical trials, and research data. Healthcare Data Engine helps operational leaders, researchers, and clinicians gain real-time, holistic views of patient longitudinal records, and enables advanced analytics and AI in a secure, compliant, and scalable cloud environment. Building on and extending the core capabilities of the Google Cloud Healthcare API, Healthcare Data Engine makes healthcare data more useful by enabling an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data, and providing clinical insights in FHIR format, the healthcare industry standard. This facilitates interoperability and will help healthcare and life sciences organizations make better real-time decisions.

Vertica announced the Vertica 11 Analytics Platform, which includes new features and enhancements to delivering unified analytics and machine learning across multi-cloud and multi-regional deployments with self-service container workflows. Vertica 11 includes more in-database machine learning capabilities with the latest release of VerticaPy, an open-source Python library for Vertica that supports Python projects on data stored in Vertica. In addition, this release offers a new, open-sourced Apache Spark Connector that supports Spark 3.0 and Scala 2.12 with S3, SSO, and parallel read/write support, significantly improving performance. Additional key capabilities include an XG Boost algorithm, increased PMML integrations, and customized time series algorithms.

NVIDIA launched TensorRT 8, the eighth generation of the company’s AI software, which slashes inference time in half for language queries, enabling developers to build high-performing search engines, ad recommendations, and chatbots and offer them from the cloud to the edge.

Dremio announced its cloud-native SQL-based data lakehouse service, Dremio Cloud. Purpose-built for the cloud, Dremio Cloud makes cloud data lakes easier to use while delivering infinite scale and incorporating security.

Atos and Graphcore announce a partnership to accelerate performance and innovation in AI by integrating Graphcore’s advanced IPU compute systems into Atos’ recently launched ThinkAI offering to bring AI high-performance solutions.

Redpoint Global announced In Situ, a cloud-native, data quality-as-a-service (DQaaS) that delivers perfected data and resolved identities in real time, using exclusively first-party data. In Situ provides unified customer data in place, without the need to transfer data across the internet. In Situ also provides transparency into the quality, reliability, and trust of all customer data.  

Radix IoT announces the public release of its Mango Series 4 platform. Mango, coupled with the Radix IoT platform, offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating an inclusive IoT solution. Mango seamlessly allows any product to be network-enabled into a global ecosystem at the device level and build the desired customer- or company-facing solution in the cloud. 

Wind River introduced its latest release of Wind River Studio. The latest release of Wind River Studio includes enhanced automation capabilities to help drive velocity for software teams building connected, intelligent systems. New capabilities in Wind River Studio span the four phases of an intelligent system’s lifecycle and include development, deployment, operations, and services.

Masergy announced a new SD-WAN and SASE capability, Masergy Performance Edge, which minimizes packet loss over public broadband connections, making them perform more like a private Ethernet circuit. Masergy Performance Edge is available with Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN Secure and SASE offerings. 

Cognito announced the official launch of its Cognito Flow global identity verification and compliance system. Cognito Flow provides the full stack of online verification requirements for global business customers, including scanning and verifying passport and driver’s license verifications, liveness checks, risk flags, and more, and can do it instantly across hundreds of countries.

Other real-time analytics news:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the general availability of Amazon EBS io2 Block Express volumes. EBS Block Express is a next-generation storage server architecture that provides block storage performance without the cost or hassle of having to procure, scale, and maintain on-premises SANs.

dotData announced that its Automated Feature Engineering (AutoFE) technology is now fully integrated with and available on the Databricks Platform. This integration allows Databricks users to explore 100x more features and boost model accuracy quickly, augmenting domain features with hundreds of AI features.

Quobyte announced the availability of its Hadoop Driver. The driver brings many benefits in optimizing Hadoop clusters for a much wider range of applications and workloads and true file system sharing across object storage and applications.

Observable announced a new Enterprise tier. Features include advanced security to authenticate against specific domains to gain access to the company’s content and dedicated support in the form of a dedicated customer success manager, priority email support, onboarding resources, and more.

Scale Computing announced a collaboration with IBM that will help organizations adopt an edge computing strategy designed to move data and applications seamlessly across hybrid cloud environments, from private data centers to the edge.

OCF has partnered with Clarifai. Data scientists, developers, and researchers working with OCF will benefit from the easy integration of Clarifai’s AI platform to identify and analyze images, videos, and text significantly faster.

Teradata announced it joined the TM Forum. As part of the consortium, Teradata will help customers seamlessly move data infrastructures to the cloud by collaborating and innovating inside the digital transformation programs enabled by TM Forum.

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